sometimes katie puts on her running shoes…


So I have never considered myself a “runner.” I had to run to get in shape for sports, but it never consisted of anything more than a mile or two. Plus, softball was my primary sport, and even in college our workouts usually involved sprints and running bases. I ran/walked Bloomsday in 4th grade, but haven’t really aspired to run a “race.”

My whole life I’ve struggled with my weight, and a lot of it has to do (I’m now learning) with some sensory/texture issues I’ve had with foods since I was a child. I tell people “I eat like a 5 year old,” and it’s basically true. I have a hard time eating raw, healthy foods, and so for me to “eat right” entails me making a conscious decision about every bite that goes into my body. So that’s working against me. Also, I’m not a big fan of exercising.

SO – as I recently decided (again) (it’s a vicious cycle) to get “back on track” with my eating habits, I realized that I need to have a good balance of exercising as well. I have found that when I know I have an exercise day coming up, I need to have eaten well before that otherwise I’m going to throw up.

SO – a co-worker of mine, my “OT counterpart” as I like to refer to her, is a big runner. She’s done a full marathon, and several halfs, and she has been trying to convince me to start running. I used to laugh and say, “oh, I’m not a runner.” But she told me about a 5K her Team in Training group is putting on in September, and after some thought, I realized that gave me enough time to train for it, as I began my lifestyle change with eating healthier.

I found a “Couch to 5K” app for my phone, as well as “Map my Running” app, and told my husband I wanted to do it. The amazing man he is, he told me he’d do it with me, and we’ve been running 3-4x/week. It’s a slow progression, and I just finished Day 2 of Week 2 (out of 8 weeks). So far I feel good, especially after, and it keeps me motivated to KEEP GOING.

I thought I’d start out by baring my soul a little. Maybe if I share it, it will hold me a little more accountable. I tend to be competitive, and I love checking off a to-do list. I hope I can find it in myself to do this, stick with it, run this 5K in September, and then see where I can go from there.



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