sometimes katie tries yoga & feels like a t-rex…

trex yoga

So today I tried yoga for the first time.

My friend and old roommate BreAnna has been helping me paint my guestroom downstairs (more on that later), and she’s a member at the YMCA. I don’t know why, but we’ve both brought up yoga recently, but nothing came of it.

I bought a really cute reddish-orange yoga mat a couple months ago, and looked into different yoga videos on Amazon, but didn’t really know where to start. I also tried searching YouTube, but all I really found were stretching videos (which felt good, but I knew yoga couldn’t be that easy). And that was probably a month ago that I even pulled out the yoga mat.

Well, BreAnna found a beginner yoga class at the Y, and let me in on a guest pass. There was only about 8 people luckily, and they let us use blocks if we didn’t bring them. The instructor was super nice, and really knowledgeable, and I didn’t feel like she was judging me because it was my first time and there were certain things I couldn’t do. She’d yell out tips of where to put my hands, or to put my knee over my ankle, etc.. The class had people at all levels, and I think it took so much concentration to just get through the hour, that nobody was looking at me (thank goodness, because I felt pretty silly in some of those poses).

Here’s what I learned in my hour of yoga:

1) It gets your heart racing, and a pretty good sweat

2) It REALLY burns your quads (remind me to work on those!)

3) I need to work on relaxing my shoulders (and duh, I tell my patients this all the time)

4) It’s difficult to coordination Transverse Abdominus activation with deep breathing and exercises (again, I make my patients practice this, so I need to be better at it)

5) My balance is pretty good, but when there’s quad burning, a little harder

6) I forgot my arms are short, and I totally felt like a T-Rex in some of the poses

So it felt really good, and I think I’m gonna feel it tomorrow. I’ve actually been craving exercise lately, which is crazy, but it feels GOOD. I stayed an extra hour in the pool yesterday to do the aquatic program I give my patients, and forgot how much I love the water. I also am on Day 3 of Week 4 of the Couch to 5K, and am running more minutes at a time. Soon it will switch to me to running non-stop, and I guess we’ll see how it goes (I just can’t forget my inhaler again, I did that last week during the storm and it was S-C-A-R-Y).

Eating healthy and exercising is also giving me so much energy, and I just feel happier. Here’s to continuing this lifestyle and trying even more new things!



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