sometimes katie wears state necklaces [& shops local]…

…so I was Pinterest’ing one day… (Honestly so many of my conversations start like that – what has happened to me???) (but deep inside, I really love it. I have tried new recipes, posted more blogs, crafted more, and all of these things bring me great joy). Anyway, someone posted a pin that had the state of Washington on it. I looked at related pins, and saw some silver necklaces that had WA state on them (do you know how much it bugs me [and other Washingtonians I’m sure] to specify to people that I am from Washington State and not D.C.? When I lived in Hawaii for 5 months at age 20, I eventually just got in the habit of saying I was from “WA State,” because if I just said “WA,” people would reply, “D.C.?” NO!!) So I got onto Etsy and searched “state necklaces.” There’s a BUNCH of designs, sizes, colors, etc., but my favorite was this:

Then I kept looking around, and saw this:

Then I got an idea… The Etsy shop is called Ivy By Design, and she’s from Spokane, WA. Well that was an easy decision! She happened to be having a sale on those necklaces that day (normally $25, on sale for $18.98), and I emailed her, inquiring about doing a double state necklace. You see, my handsome husband was born in Chewelah, WA but lived in Central Florida from age 1-28. That’s “home” for him. His mom is from Spokane, and after his parents retired, they moved [back] to Spokane, and he followed them up here. We met at church, got married, and are living our happily ever after… A story for another day :).

I emailed Ivy, and she emailed me RIGHT back, and by the end of the day, she had created me a custom order, and all I had to do was pay for it. She made the states a little smaller than the normal 1″ size, and was still able to put hearts on Spokane, WA, and Deltona, FL. I chose an 18″ chain, and the total was $35 plus $2.50 for shipping. I was amazed when I got an email the next day (Friday) saying it was shipped. I was even more amazed when I got the package the next day (Saturday!) I immediately put the necklace on, and happily marched up to my husband with my neck proudly extended so he could see what I got. He loved it, but immediately noticed the states were backwards. I laughed, telling him I put it on the way I always put necklaces on, but looked in the mirror, and they looked just fine to me. He helped me turn them around so I wouldn’t have to keep clasping the necklace backwards (to me — which made me wonder, is this another thing I so left-handed??) I love the necklaces so much. I love how they overlap each other, and they hit at just the right spot on my neck. I love how pretty the design is. And I love what it represents — two corners of the USA, which brought two strangers together who fell in love.



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