sometimes katie gets boozy for book club [whipped cream vodka-soaked chocolate covered strawberries tutorial]…

…so I discovered a new, amazing thing. Vodka soaked strawberries.

As usual, Pinterest is the culprit.

I hosted book club at my house in June, and I wanted a fair-themed dinner. We read “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson (order here on if interested), which takes place in Chicago during the first World’s Fair in 1893. This was my menu:

Corn on the cob, BBQ’d marinated chicken skewers (recipe found here), corndog “muffins” (I just made cornbread muffins from a Jiffy box, and put 1/3 of a hot dog inside), watermelon, and deep fried Oreos (recipe here). I wanted to make strawberry lemonade, but had a genius idea to make it alcoholic (okay, obviously I’m not the first one to think of this, but I didn’t know what ratio to use for juice/alcohol).

I went on Pinterest and searched “spiked strawberry lemonade,” which eventually led me to a post about Vodka soaked strawberries. I was sold. I decided I’d soak some strawberries in vodka overnight, and use the strawberry flavored vodka in the lemonade. In the end, I just used 3 parts Crystal Light lemonade to 1 part strawberry vodka. To make the lemonade visually appealing, I threw the strawberries in the pitcher.

Okay, so it’s not that visually appealing. The color wasn’t yellow or pink, it was murky orange-ish. (Oh, the smaller pitcher was not spiked, for the preggo and non-drinker in the group).

ANYWAY, the drink was delicious. Not too strong. You can make it stronger by adding more vodka of course. There’s probably strawberry flavored vodka out there you could use instead, but…

…then you can’t eat the strawberries!

The highlight of the evening (after the deep fries Oreos of course) was those strawberries. I wanted to try one to see if you taste the vodka, and MAN! Could you ever! The rest of the ladies wanted in on the action, so they all started trying them. I’m the only one who thought they were strong enough to elicit a reaction (WOW!), so naturally, we all kept eating them. Let me tell ya – that book club became quite rowdy! It was a really fun time with my fantastic book club gals, and I told them I’d come back with Boozy Strawberries Part II next time we met.


Time for book club again. This time we planned on meeting at a park, but that morning there was some nasty weather, and we decided to stay indoors.

I had found some “Pinspiration” for chocolate covered, whipped cream vodka soaked strawberries, and was sold.

I bought a bottle of whipped cream vodka, and 2 containers of strawberries. I filled a Tupperware container with as many strawberries as it could hold, covered them with the vodka, and let them soak overnight.

Just before serving them, I removed the strawberries, and dabbed them dry with a paper towel. It’s important that they are dried off, otherwise the chocolate may not stick on.

You can use any kind of chocolate to dip them in — just follow the directions on the bag or container. I prefer the microwavable kind — less of a mess.

Boozy Strawberries

I made a ton more than was needed. Our book club was a potluck that night, so there was a LOT of food.

Surprisingly, they weren’t very strong. You could taste some vodka, but not much of a whipped cream flavor. You’d have to eat several of them to feel any effect (if that’s what you desire), but it was a great conversation piece. And my husband was happy that there was a lot leftover to bring home :).

Another great aspect of this project was the leftover (slightly strawberry-flavored) whipped cream vodka. I kept it in a water bottle in the fridge, and enjoyed it in some Dr. Zevia (Dr. Pepper flavored, stevia sweetened soda). It. Was. Delish.

We’ll see what “Boozy Fruit” concoction I can come up with next! (My book club will thank me, I’m sure)…



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