sometimes katie throws a black, white, & red bridal shower brunch…

…so I love throwing parties. I love Pinterest. I love black, white, and red. I love weddings. So when my dear friend Lauren (who I also love) told me she was getting married (yayyy!!!) but moving to Arizona (booooo!!!!), I told her I’d love to throw her a bridal shower before she left.

Me and the beautiful bride-to-be, at the surprise birthday party I helped her throw for her fiance

She has beautiful taste, and her wedding was going to be a mix of navy blue, peach, pink, yellow, etc., with probably a rustic feel. I tried VERY hard to have these colors be the theme of her bridal shower, but since it was going to be at my house, I had a hard time. As you have seen from previous posts (unless this is the first time you’re reading this), my house is mostly black, white, grey, red, and silver.

Luckily, Lauren didn’t care at all if I made the shower match my house. YAY!

I made the invitations myself, using the pre-made invitations from Michael’s. I just designed them, printed them off, and sent ’em out. That process actually took SO MUCH LONGER than I thought, but I know that in the future it’ll be a lot easier!

I’ll just cut to the chase and post a bunch of pictures now.

First off: chalkboard! Parties at my house aren’t complete without art on the wall. This was one of the first time I looked for inspiration on Pinterest, and learned I could replicate fonts and drawings pretty well!

I’m all about presentation. Here’s the bride-to-be standing in front of her special table! (Notice that the floor isn’t completely done here, we were waiting for our last box of tile to arrive from Home Depot!)


The banner was fun to make. Each flag is made out of black or white card stock, and has black/white decorated card stock behind it. I used string to hang them all up, and the key was making the flags with an extra flap on top, that was folded over and glued together once the string was in place. I just taped it to the window frame so it would stay in place, and frame the table.


One thing Lauren did tell me is that she LOVES breakfast food. So I served all sorts of breakfast foods! It worked because it was in the early afternoon, so we called it brunch.

Here’s a couple shots of the food table from afar:



At the start of the table, there was a build-your-own-yogurt-parfait station. Vanilla Greek yogurt, granola, and berries, with little bowls to put it all in.




The little smokies were one of my favorite dishes. I saw on Pinterest (of course) that if you slice the smokies diagonally, you can flip them so they are in the shape of a heart, and use a toothpick to hold them together. Perfect for a bridal shower!


Another Pinterest find — these blingin’ doughnuts. I found the shape of a diamond somewhere on the internet, printed some off [on card stock] until I found the right size, cut them out, and used silver glitter glue to outline them. The sharp point at the bottom was perfect to stick into the doughnuts so they looked like diamond rings.


Here Lauren models one perfectly.


Next yummy item on the table was cinnamon rolls. To make it easy to serve and eat, I just took a roll of the Pillsbury dough, separated them, and cooked them in cupcake tins instead of altogether. I’m pretty sure the time and oven settings were the same as if you followed the instructions on the package. Since there were some ladies who were gluten-free, I made some they could eat.


Next: drinks! What would a proper brunch be without mimosas?!! One pitcher was full of orange juice and champagne, the other full of orange juice and ginger ale (for the non-drinkers and the preggos).



I found these little plastic cups at Dollar Tree, and thought they’d be perfect for the mimosas. I used black puffy paint to write L ❤ A on them, for Lauren and Alex (the bride and groom, of course!). The red and white straws were an added touch of color and fun.


The bride-to-be got a special BIG wine glass with the words “Future Mrs. SHAW” written on it with black puffy paint. We made sure that glass stayed full during the party! 😉

IMG_3373So there’s the food and drink situation.

Something that the bride-to-be asked for was that the guests brought their favorite recipes for her to start her own collection. In the kitchen there was a [red] bowl, and this is where the recipe cards went.

Not pictured: there was a black basket in the entryway, where I asked the guests to place an advice card for Lauren. Of course, I had a cute label for this as well ;).

Lastly: FAVORS!

I’m all about having something to give to the guests to say thank you for coming. I found this idea on Pinterest (naturally). The nail polishes were $1/each at the Dollar Tree, and I used leftover tulle, hot glued to the top, to look like veils. I was going to get a random array of colors, but my OCD made me get all red. The polka dot charger is from my wedding decorations, and I love using it as a serving platter.

The party was a success!

I had a wonderful time hosting, and we all had a ton of giggles and fun (the Honeymoon Mad Libs was prettttty funny, I must admit). Can’t wait to host another party at my house!!

Me and my dear friend, the bride-to-be, Lauren ❤




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